Sorry but this was to sticky. Make sure your blade is WELL SEALED. I prepared both sides of my near new blade with two to light coats of polyurethane. ( perhaps to light?)
One one side I applied a glue sheet that came with a sheet of Meteorite the other side with a sheet of wbgs and Geospin. after about 3 months I went to remove the rubbers and absolutely could not dislodge the wbgs glue sheet from the blade. The other glue sheet readily pulled off. By Zeropong: First thank you for your honest review, if your blade is not sealed you can still get glue sheets off with NO problems, Just take the rubber off then place a paper over the glue sheet, heat it up with a household iron and the glue bond will break every time with no damage to your blade!

Scottie, 08/02/2015
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