I purchased the FL handle version of this blade in combination with the 2.1mm KTL Green Dragon rubbers on both sides.

I found that this blade has TONS of pop. The sound is great/unique when compared to other bats in my bag.

The configuration complimented my forehand game well. For whatever reason, my blocking and backhand game suffered a bit, and I'm still adjusting to the larger blade and slight increase in weight compared to my old bat.

I will say that the craftsmanship was fantastic, and I would suggest this bat to other people with the following considerations:

- I would purchase rubber that focuses on control rather than speed. I tried to balance the slower blade with faster rubber and I was not happy with the outcome. The paddle is not forgiving enough for me with this configuration. (I'm an intermediate player)

- You may want to consider drilling out the handle to reduce weight. It is already light weight, but slight increase in size makes maneuverability more important than ever.

- If you have large hands, you may want to reshape the transition areas between the handle and the blade to adjust for comfort. I'm one that likes to choke up on the blade, and this particular FL handle makes that a bit of a chore.

Joel, 08/16/2016
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