I'm a full time hardbat player and I've tried a lot of different blades for hardbat over the years. Right now, the Zebra Classic (with kukui wood core) is my favorite. It is not a fast blade. This blade is all about control and giving the player solid feedback. But if you have control, then you can hit hard and authoritatively with confidence.

Of course, blade preferences are very personal. If you like faster blades, I'd suggest trying the Rosewood Classic instead. But if, like me, you prefer a slower blade with good control, then you really should give this one a try. I use Dr. Evil rubber with the Zebra Classic.

The one issue I've had with this blade is that I've cracked the blade multiple times. But the folks at ZeroPong have been tracking this problem since I mentioned it to them, and it seems like I'm the only one having the issue. After playing with this blade for about eight months now, I've concluded that I'm willing to put up with having a blade crack now and then. That's how much I like the feel and play of this blade. And it doesn't hurt that the blade is so reasonably priced.

If you purchase this blade, I suggest taking a bit of extra care when transporting it. I think a hard sided case is probably a good idea with this blade. I will start doing that myself and hopefully that will resolve or at least help with the problems I've had with the blade cracking

Oh - and while it has no affect on how the blade plays, the Zebra wood outer plies really are nice looking.

Jay Turberville, 05/20/2017
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