I've only used this a bit but here are my initial impression. This is a well made, well balanced paddle. But that's both good and bad. Despite being carbon, it's not that fast with Zero on it. The flip side is that it has a high degree of control but you have to put a stroke into it. As for the Zero rubber, even though it is suppose to be a mechanical grip Euro/Japanese type rubber, it behaves more like a Chinese rubber without the tack. On this wood, drop a ball on it and it's a bit dead. Put energy into the bounce and it becomes livelier. For a more Euro/Japan type rubber, 729 Transcend with creme, Rapid Power, Snipe is more like it. So if you are looking for a balanced paddle with good control where you have to put energy into your stroke, this is it.

wayne c., 09/12/2017
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