This rubber is about the best value I think one can get for $14. Not sure I can name a better rubber in that range. Really nice.

I think my favorite trait of it is the Thor's Hammer sponge. Firm but slightly springy. This sponge offers all the power I would think any non-professional would want or need. No need to tune this. The firm sponge packs plenty of punch.

The topsheet I would say is about as tacky as Gambler's other most tacky rubber in Gambler Wrath. They're comparable. Maybe Wraith is just a hair tackier. It's pretty subjective at this point. The difference being that with this firmer sponge, you'd want this on your FH. I don't know if I'd play it on my BH. I think a softer sponge would be better suited there (see Gambler Wrath).

All in all I'm happy with the topsheet. It's pretty darn good. It's not as tacky as say any H3 topsheet (if it were, I'd give this 5 stars easy) but from what I've seen, few rubbers are. If you want basically flypaper type of tacky, then H3 is your answer.

But I'm playing probably my best TT to date with this rubber on my FH. Very happy with it. Even my partner who plays with Tenergy (granted that's a euro tuned rubber so it's a different style) gave it a whirl and said "Yeah this is nice. I could hit with this". So it can fit a lot different personal taste. It's just a really nice rubber.

Steve S., 03/20/2018
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