For 14$ this rubber has managed to match and in some ways exceed the performance of Tenergy. I have been looking for a long time to get out from under 70USD a sheet and the “bargains” at 40-60USD a sheet . Gambler is the first to break this bubble in my opinion. All this said the rubber is a bit more spinney than Tenergy 64 (very noticeable on slower loops), and the speed UN tuned is a touch less, tuned it is as fast or faster than Tenergy 64. I cannot yet comment on durability but 3 weeks still going strong, with no notable blemish, performance seems to be increasing due to the tuner settling in. It should be noted I liked Gamblers previous offering (Outlaw) but it did not hold up even for a few hours for me, and it was not nearly as fast or spinney as Mech-Tek, this is a whole new breed. USATT rank 2012.

Joe H., 03/21/2018
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