I got this rubber with the new Vector Speed blade. I believe this needs to be broken in or boosted before I can give it a proper review. So far, so good though. This rubber grabs the ball well. At medium and high gears it's got good speed. At low gear, it's not that fast. I haven't boosted or completely broken them in yet. Perhaps, lower level players could use this rubber when it is not boosted. However, I would personally recommend big gun for lower level players. I wish I could have Burst (Thor's hammer) with the national blue sponge color(just sayin). Seriously, I too may not be buying ESN and Tenergy anymore because of Burst(Thor's),Big gun(Thor's) and now Mech Tek. Hopefully i'll be able to update my review after I've boosted the Mech Teks..

By Gambler: Thanks for your review! Remember this top sheet has more grip than Tenergy so in essence it will hold the ball more, this gives that lower speed feel at soft shots, after some hours or even better... boosting this rubber will require less work at lower speeds.

JOJO, 03/30/2018
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